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Big day to join our team!

Concept Architects is a great deal! If your want to experience a friendly and proffesional eviroment, where you can not just better yourself, but also learn, we are here for you! We welcome every architect who is in-love with the profession and is open-minded. Every creative individual is warmly awaited!

We are an expanding architectural studio with now more than 10 people who enjoy creating with us. We are actively expanding our team and are looking for the same enthusiastic people as us.

We are waiting for you in our team!

Thanks for submitting!

Currently we are looking for:


Conceptual Architects

Interior Designers

Project Managers


Hiring specification:

AutoCad or ArchiCad
A perception of our style
Higher education
Work experience of 3 years+

Areas of responsibility:

Designing of architectural objects
Architectural space organization
Plan solutions development
Planning documentation preparing
Project administration at the development stage


Conceptual Architect


Hiring specification:

Development of landscape concepts and working documentation experience, ArchiCad, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Photoshop

Areas of responsibility:

Development of concepts
Development of landscaping projects visualizations
Working documentation
Architectural supervision

Interior Designer


Hiring specification:

A perception of our style
3Ds Max
Work experience of 2 years+

Areas of responsibility:

Design project conceptual solution development
Photorealistic rendering of the design solution via 3Ds Max


Project Manager

Hiring specification:

Higher education + minimum

of 5 years experience
Good English
CAD, SketchUp

Areas of responsibility:

Control of the timing and quality of work in accordance with the approved plan
Communication with contracting, subcontracting, construction teams, customers, and project managers
Test and measurements
Communication with builders.
Clarification and revision of drawings contractors.

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